Sunday, August 17, 2014

Made it to 50!

Well, I'm grateful to have made it to my 50th birthday - woohoo!  After surviving being hit by a car last week, some skin cancer here and there over the past few years, and helping to raise some fine children I am looking forward to the coming year.  I know there will be some hard stuff in the coming weeks and months - my father has lung cancer and is going through chemotherapy and will have radiation treatments in the future, my mother is getting up there in age, and my mother-in-law is becoming more and more forgetful, but I am thankful for the chance to give back to them in their time of need.  The future is still bright and I look forward to serving God in the ways He wants me to!  

Monday, August 11, 2014

My health after a car accident

I was hit by a car while walking across the parking lot at work the other day.  Didn't see it coming at all - she clipped me with the right front corner of her car.  I flew through the air and landed on my left knee and left shoulder.  After a rush to the hospital in an ambulance I have no broken bones but lots of soreness.  It's interesting how the soreness continues to develop in new places the next day!  

I'm grateful for my good health.  I am heavy but continue to work out and jog on a regular basis.  I am grateful for my strength - I bounced off the car and wasn't too badly hurt by my banging on the pavement.  

I'm grateful for my friends and family that are checking on me, giving me good wishes, and looking out for me.  Very grateful for the kindness shown by them brining lunch over the day it happened, the many calls and texts, and the facebook posts.  It's nice to be part of a community that cares.  

I'm grateful for my wife.  She was amazing through the whole thing.  I called her while riding in the ambulance and left her a voicemail saying I was on my way to Henry General ER; she got there very shortly after I got there.  And she never cried, was strong, let me get through it but was there helping.  

I'm very grateful for my oldest son.  He was at the hospital, too.  He was strong, didn't push but was decisive, took me home, and watched over me while I relaxed and slept.  He makes me proud of the man he has become!  

So much to be grateful for...  Thank you, God, for blessing me.  Help me to bless others when I have the opportunity!